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The most 
easy & 

query management system

designed specifically for students.

QMS Dashboard | A digital product by Adcratic Studios
Query categorized in a single dashboard
Knowledge base of similar queries
No more emails, no more anxiety
Direct chat with the concerned person
Track all activities & updates on the query
Discuss common queries on the forum

Complete cloud based service for every stakeholder involved

To get our QMS for your University or college classroom 

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  • What is a Query Management System?
    A Query Management System is a specialized platform designed to streamline the process of handling and responding to inquiries from students and their parents. It offers a centralized space where queries can be submitted and tracked. A system like the one offered by Adcratic provides real-time notifications about the status of inquiries, which enhances transparency and improves the overall communication experience.
  • How does a Query Management System benefit educational institutions?
    A Query Management System is tailored to support a wide range of educational institutions, from Higher Education and Online Degree Programs to Coaching Institutes, EdTech companies, K-12 schools, and Preschools. The platform enhances efficiency by allowing direct submission of queries from personal dashboards. It also keeps students and parents updated through real-time notifications about their inquiries. The system also includes a One View Dashboard that presents vital metrics at a glance and provides instant access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), reducing the need for repeated searches.
  • How does the Query Management System enhance communication between students and institutions?
    The Student Query Management System offered by Adcratic enhances communication by centralising all student queries. This ensures that all inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently, thereby improving student satisfaction. With the help of real-time notifications, students are kept informed about the progress of their queries, leading to a more transparent and engaging communication experience.
  • How does a Query Management System contribute to the overall student enrollment experience?
    A Student Query Management System like Adcratic’s significantly contributes to the overall student enrollment experience by creating a more organized and responsive communication platform. It improves transparency and trust, keeps students informed about their inquiry status, and ultimately, fosters a positive experience that can influence their decision to enroll. By providing a centralized system for handling inquiries, institutions can also streamline their administrative processes, allowing for quicker responses and higher student satisfaction.
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